New Installations

We design all new installations to ensure your appliances performs to a optimal level, making sure your system is as cost effective as possible. Working according to LPG regulations. We specialize in the supply and installation of gas geysers, gas hobs and fire places all our installations are issued  with a COC. Modern day gas appliances have flame failure devices installed so there is no chance of gas escaping when the flame is extinguished. 

Gas Hob & Stove Installations

Cooking with gas is a much more cost effective way of preparing food. We ensure that your appliance is installed correctly and complaint to gas regulations.

Gas Geyser Installations

A much more cost effective way of heating water and no more cold water during load shedding.

At the rate of electricy cost rising you can expect to pay even more in the near future.

We can help you make an informed decision about your waterheating needs. There is a option for every budget to replace your excisting electrical geyser with a cost effective gas geyer. Fitted safely and professionally.

Gas Fireplace Installation

No more smell of smoke in your house replace the use of wood or charcoal with gas which is a lot more cost effective and healthier choice. No more hassle of getting a fire started it is now as simple as pressing a button and creating a cosy atmosphere in your house.

Gas Grill Installations

Love to entertain around the braai? no more smoke or possible battle to ignite wet wood. Spend more time with your guests/family no more waiting for your wood to turn into coals be ready to braai when You are ready and not the coals. Fitted professionally.

Gas Certificate of Compliance (COC)

A Gas certificate of compliance (COC) is a mandatory legal requirement for all fixed gas installations. A gas compliance certificate is a legal requirement for all insurance companies. Without a COC your insurance won’t cover you incase of accidental loss or damage.  A COC is needed when selling a property that is fitted with a gas instalation for example – gas geyer, gas stoves , gas fireplaces and gas grills.

Contact us today to make sure your installation is compliant and your COC is compliant with the latest LPG specifications.

COC s have to be renewed every 5 years, for a COC to be issued a safety inspection along with a pressure test should be done on your gas line by a registered LPG installer.

Leak Detection

Feeling uneasy or smelling gas contact us for peace of mind!

Maintenance and Servicing

Gas is very safe when installed correctly and the system is designed properly. For your appliances to give you years of Hassel free use it is highly advised to have it serviced anualy or when your instalation is not performing as usual. Upgrading old installations to the latest regulations. Replacing worn out and fualty parts.

Contact us to schedule your service.

Gas Cages

We supply and install gas cages made to regulation. It is mandatory to have a gas cage where there is public access to gas cylinders or tampering by children or for peace of mind against loss of theft.

A cage is also mandatory when you have a manifold system of two cylinders on and two off or more.